Cultivated Turf per Roll (Approx 1 Sq Mtr)

Cultivated Turf per Roll (Approx 1 Sq Mtr)


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Cultivated Turf per Roll (Approx 1 Sq Mtr)

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    Grade A Cultivated Turf 1m2 roll. A high quality cultivated turf.

    We recommend laying turf on a screened soil base that has been prepared and cleared of debris, weeds etc.

    Rake the soil level and either compact gradually by foot or using a lawn roller to establish any areas of soft soil. These can then be topped up and raked level.

    Once ordered and delivered the turf needs to be laid as soon as possible. To lay, roll the turf out starting at the perimeter of the lawn and ensure the the underside of the turf is in full contact with the soil. Lay the rolls in a staggered brick work pattern so that joints are staggered over the lawn. Cut excess pieces of turf with a half moon lawn edger or a sharp knife.

    Water your new lawn intensely to help stimulate rooting. Continue to do this for several weeks after laying. A sprinkler system is a good method of achieving even coverage.

    Refrain from cutting your lawn untill the grass has fully rooted, once this has happened begin cutting at your mowers highest setting and gradually shorten the cut over time to a an optimum height of 15mm - 30mm.

    Finally ... enjoy your new lawn!

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